How to improve the efficiency and performance of government programs

by Neil Hoosier

Founder and CEO, Neil Hoosier & Associates

In his recent budget request, President Biden highlighted his goals to improve the performance and efficiency of government programs in order to deliver a better experience to the end user, and also to ensure that the vast amount of federal relief money being distributed is spent wisely and free from fraud, waste and abuse.

Specifically, the budget request notes the following:

“Delivering Government Services Effectively and Efficiently. The Federal Government administers a wide array of programs on behalf of the American people, but implementation efforts often fail to adopt a human, customer-focused mindset—preventing […]

How to achieve President Biden’s goal of bolstering federal cybersecurity

by Andy Cooke

Chief Information Security Officer

President Biden’s recent fiscal 2022 budget request “contains $9.8 billion in cybersecurity funding to secure Federal civilian networks, protect the Nation’s infrastructure, and support efforts to share information, standards, and best practices with critical infrastructure partners and American businesses. This funding includes $110 million for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and $750 million to agencies affected by recent, significant cyber incidents to address exigent gaps in security capability.”

The challenges of bolstering federal cyber security through that spending, however, are exacerbated by the fact that federal government departments, agencies and subagencies all run their […]

Securing NHA’s CMMI Services v2.0 Level 3 Appraisal

by Kathy Doolittle

Chief Operating Officer

According to the CMMI Institute website, CMMI Services is a “set of best practices that improves an organization’s capability to efficiently and effectively deliver quality service offerings that meet market and customer needs.”  It allows a company to “exceed customer expectations,” “develop resiliency,” provide services “quickly, efficiently, and in accordance with established agreements,” “reduce cost” and “increase quality.”

At NHA, we strive to achieve these attributes across all our programs and projects.  With that in mind, I am pleased to announce that our Medicare Secondary Payer Integration Contractor (MSPIC) and Evaluation & Oversight (E&O) contracts have been […]

Observations on the Federal Government Information Security shift from Systems Control Compliance to Centralized Portfolio Risk Management

by Andy Cooke

CISO Neil Hoosier & Associates, and Principal SSO for OFM Coordination of Benefits and Recovery Program

Federal Government Agencies and their Contractor System Maintainer System Security Officer (SSO) teams are primarily focused on the logistics of the compliance exercise of obtaining and maintaining Authority To Operate (ATO) for Agency Federal IT Systems, via the participation in controls assessments, penetration tests, and audits, as opposed to identifying, communicating and managing the risks that any given Information System contains (every system does have known weaknesses and risks as no system is ever […]

How to bolster minority-owned businesses through improved contracting opportunities, based on my experiences as a Black American starting my own federal contracting business

by Neil Hoosier Founder and CEO, Neil Hoosier & Associates

I grew up in a New York City housing project amidst a considerable amount of poverty and despair.

Today, I run a business that generates millions in revenue and employs more than 100 people of diverse backgrounds in more than a dozen states, including my two sons.

I was fortunate to have a family structure and caring schoolteachers to support my ambitions and provide mentorship along the way.  And I have seen firsthand the power that minority business ownership […]