At NHA, we pride ourselves on being a great place to work.  We value our employees, encourage creativity, celebrate diversity and embrace work/life balance.  Our recent employee survey shows that our staff agrees.

More than 90% of employees responded that they have confidence in NHA’s leadership, believe the leadership of NHA cares about its employee’s well-being and believe the leadership of NHA enables a culture of diversity.

The majority of the employees also  agreed that there is a spirit of cooperation within NHA and that NHA communicates effectively with employees.

Employees were also highly satisfied with NHA’s robust benefits offerings.

Here are a few highlights from the responses:

  • “NHA has been a phenomenal company for me. I have grown and learned so much since my start date.  I hope all the principals, standards, compassion, and care are passed down to all levels and areas. These definitely seem to be present at the top!”
  • “Overall, I feel that NHA is an amazing place to work.”
  • “Thank you to the leadership for appreciating and being so respectful to us. I have been in many organizations during my career, and I must say that NHA has been the most professional and gracious company I’ve ever worked for. I really enjoy working for a company with such a positive culture.  I hope to be able to stay with NHA until retirement.”

We are grateful to our employees for their feedback and we continue to focus on making NHA a positive work environment for all.

To learn more about working at NHA and to see our open positions, visit our Careers page, or reach out to us.